Thursday, January 9, 2014

ode to boy: Joy To Girl

I wrote this as catharsis a few months ago... published now after a moratorium on writing about my life. A song eventually, but for now a poem.

Joy To Girl, Her Best Man.
     or : Loss, Part 1.

Come, you said
come, won't you let me come in
won't you
won't you see
won't you let me
won't you let me speak to you
so kindly and tenderly and
won't you
won't you let me
won't you

Come in, you said
won't you feel the water
won't you?
it is so wonderful and beautiful and
so clear and so safe so
I've been in before and I know
Come in, he said
I'll breathe for you
come in and let me breathe for you
I took it away but I
will fill your lungs again

So I did and I heard and I let you speak
And I followed you into the tide into the tide,
And I thought loves weight would be a tidal wave,
But water rose quick and my heart unbridled

Come out, you said
the road is clear
let's cross to the other side
I felt the rush of the passing cars and I
was afraid and I cried and you said
won't you trust me
won't you come out
come out, the road is clear
come out
won't you

So I did and I heard and I fell for you
And I followed you out and onto the road
And I believed that you had cleared the way
But blindness proved too great a load

Going, I'm drowning
Going, I'm stricken
Going, I'm done for
Gone, gone, I'm gone
Gone, gone, you're gone.

HM 2014